Happy Friday!

We’ve made it to the weekend!! πŸ˜ƒ

I’d say my week was hectic but I feel content that I got a lot done and I’m ready to enjoy some time with my family this weekend!

I will share what I have read this evening which I think is so fitting for tonight!!

Day 5: Visualize!

This segment was about visualization and how we can practice this day to day to achieve a specific goal we are working towards.. This goal can be anything from reaching a promotion at work, building our business to the next level, a fitness goal, relationship goals, and so much more!! “Visualization is very powerful. You can use it to break bad habits, form new ones, and get results you want.”

So tonight I visualize myself having a fun weekend with the people I love most!

Have a great weekend!

Exercise your mind & spirit

Thankful Thursday!!!!

What are we thankful for today?? I am thankful that I made it to my gym class this morning! My little one was sick so my husband stayed home with him this morning and I was able to make it to class! πŸ™πŸΌ It’s the little things in life I appreciate!!

Here’s a great quote from the current book I’m reading… Day 4- “You know how you feel after a really great workout- strong and renewed and bursting with energy? Well, in addition to keeping your body strong and flexible, exercise does wonders for your mind and spirit. It boosts self-esteem, gives you the satisfaction of striving for and attaining your goals, and helps keeps the blues at bay.” Exercise is great for the spirit, too. Sure, the changes in your physique are exciting, but you’ll begin to notice that not only do you feel better physically but you feel better spiritually as well. You’ll have more spiritual energy- the feeling that what you do in life matters.”

Yup!!! I’d say that’s pretty accurate!! πŸ‘πŸΌ


Here’s a delicious and super healthy recipe that’s quick and easy to put together!


Mid Week Check In

Happy Wednesday All!

We are 1/2 way through this week and things are looking good so far! I am happy to say that I had a great workout this morning and felt good and full of energy the entire rest of my day!!

Just finished reading Day 3: This section was about a “powerful tool to help achieve our goals, reinforce a positive attitude, and help you obtain all that you want: Affirmations, which are short, formal statements repeated time and again, either verbally or mentally or in writing, that express your desired condition or outcome.”

My exercise was to create my Affirmation..

So, here it is:

Today, I will be my best version of myself and I will be content with how far I have come closer to more Love, Happiness, & Peace! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Please feel free to share your affirmations!

Have a good night!

Tuesday Thoughts…

Today was an “ok” day… I Β  got my workout done which was a plus! Did I eat according to my goals?? Not exactly.. But tomorrow is another day and a fresh start!!! I am grateful that I at least got my nutritious shake in for one of my meals! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Just finished reading Day 2 of my personal development book.. So, time to share::

Day 1: I leaned how to separate my goals into mental, physical, and spiritual. Mental goals deal with mental preparation, visualization, or productive thinking. Physical or personal goals are very actionable and have to do with day-to-day choices we make. And spiritual goals focus on personal characteristics to be practiced and developed.

Tonight (day 2), I will be expanding on these goals and thinking the following:

What am I most grateful for today?

What was the biggest success for me today?

What was the biggest challenge for today?

How did I overcome it?

What Can I do to make it a better day?

So- how about you try this! Would love to hear your feedback and how it helped you!

Get busy!!

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone had a good start to their week! I was super busy but that’s a good thing.. I even tried to work on my goals that I spoke about in yesterday’s post which referred to self growth. There were a few obstacles today- but I managed to be a better person and “did the right thing”!

I also started a new book today which I am totally excited about!! It’s a personal development book, “The Badass Life” written by Christmas Abbott

This book focuses on 30 days to a lifetime of great habits- Body, Mind, and Spirit.It gives you exercises for you to practice to achieve your goals!! I just did my first journal exercise tonight, and I feel awesome already! As I get more into this book- I will definitely share some important parts!

Stay tuned this week for some new lifestyle tips, healthy recipes, and some good energy!!

Have a great night!

Bring on the new week!

As the weekend comes to a close, I sit and go through all the things I would like to accomplish for the new coming week.. And these things are not a project- cleaning out my closet, or unfinished memos for work.. These things are- ways for me to grow more into the person I know I can be towards myself and others around me!!

Take some time this evening to think of ways you can grow to be happier this week, to be your best self this week, to be kinder to others this week!!

I leave you with another inspiring quote from that same book I just finished reading (cause there are so many! Lol)

“It’s about respecting yourself, instead of catering to your insecure need to be liked. This is incredibly powerful, because when you love yourself enough to stand in your truth no matter what the cost, everyone benefits. You start attracting the kinds of things, people, and opportunities, that are in alignment with who you truly are, which is way more fun than hanging out with a bunch of irritating energy suckers.” Jen Sincero

Good night!


Weekend has settled in… Boys are watching a movie in their sleeping bags, fire is on and I’m finally catching up on some shows I missed during a busy week!!

Make sure you do something you enjoy sometime this weekend!! Sometimes one can get caught up in doing everything for everyone else and that’s great- but you have to make time for yourself too!!


Have a badass weekend!

So today went pretty much as planned!! Went to the gym this morning, then took the kids to Rebounderz – gave them some time to run around since they were off from school!! Went to visit mom and check on her! She loves seeing the kids!! Finally home and getting some relax time! I’d say this was a productive day- lol

Hope you all got something accomplished on your list of things to do for this week! And if you didn’t, there’s always next week.

So I will leave you with this piece from a book I just finished reading….

“You are a badass. You were one when you came out screaming into this planet and you are one now. The universe wouldn’t have bothered with you otherwise. You can’t screw up so majorly that your badassery disappears. It is who you are. It’s who you always will be. It’s not up for negotiation.” Jen Sincero

Have a great weekend and be BADASS!