Emotions of Power

In conclusion to yesterday’s post- below are the positive emotions you should try to focus on that will give you POWER!!

1- Cultivate the emotions of love and warmth

2- Cultivate the emotions of appreciation and gratitude

3- Cultivate curiosity

4- Cultivate feelings of excitement and passion

5- Determination

6- Adopt an attitude of flexibility

7- Consistently experience confidence

8- Cheerfulness enhances your self-esteem

9- Nurturing your own vitality

10- Sense of contribution

“The secret to living is giving.” Tony Robbins

Action Signals

“You are the source of all your emotions. At any moment you can create or change them.” Tony Robbins

In Mr Robbins book, Giant Steps, he lists “Action Signals”. He explains how to notice and change them in order to feel in a more positive attitude. I thought these were interesting to share since I often think how I can detect a negative feeling coming on and noticing these feelings before they get too strong. What are ways to change these feelings for the better!!

Below are the Action Signals you should notice and be ready to change:

1- Uncomfortable feelings like boredom, impatience, unease, distress or mild embarrassment.

2- Fear, apprehension, worry or anxiety.

3- Hurt or loss

4- Anger, annoyance, resentment, or rage.

5- Frustration

6- Disappointment

7- Guilt

8- Inadequacy

9- Overload, overwhelm, grief, depression, helplessness

10- Loneliness

Lets get a hold of our emotions and control the way we feel for a better quality of life!

Win Yourself Over Again..

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! It’s Sunday evening and I’m settling down for the night- getting ready for the new coming week and what amazing things will happen!! Here are some things to think about to bring into the new week with you… (Found in my Jen Sincero book, You Are A Badass).

1- Appreciate how special you are

2- Drown yourself in affirmations

3- Do things you love

4- Find a replacement

5- Ditch the self-deprecating humor

6- Let love in

7- Don’t compare yourself to others

8- Forgive yourself

9- Love yourself

✨Remember do your best, be proud of how far you will come, and be grateful for where you are at that moment! ✨

Have a Great Week!

Love what you do!

Happy Friday-

What are WE doing here? Well, there are three answers to this question..

1- some of us are here just living life, day by day, keeping things safe- looking at others, taking big risks and living exciting adventures, and watching them have a great time enjoying what they are doing in life.

2- some of us have these awesome ideas of what they would love to do in life and think about it everyday, but just keeps these ideas to themselves and never act upon these amazing thoughts.

3- AND some of us have amazing ideas and inspirations that we dream of and we share our gifts with the world and have such an amazing time while doing it!!

Which one are you?? 🤔

I’m kind of stuck between 2 and 3.. But, I’m working hard everyday to be that number 3 person!!! Who’s with me!?!

Something think of over the weekend!

“The power of giving is so strong that the excitement and the good feelings are often greater for the giver than for the receiver. Which is why, when you find your calling and you design your life in such a way that you can share your gifts with the world on a consistent basis, you feel like a rock star. When we share what we were brought here to give, we are in alignment with our highest, most powerful selves.” Jen Sincero

Keep The Faith

Many times, when things go wrong, we tend to loose faith and put ourselves in a state of mind where negativity starts to take over. It’s so easy for this to happen and it can drag for long periods of time. But we have to try and not let this negativity in. If we try to remain grateful for where we are at that moment, and understand that things will get better- that’s the turning point where are lives can change!!!

I went back to an amazing book I read last year to find a piece to share…

“When you are consistently in a state of gratitude, and aware of all the awesomeness that already exists, it, among many other things, makes it much easier for you to believe that there’s more awesomeness where that came from, and that this yet-to-be-manifested awesomeness is also available to you. You’ve received awesomeness before, so of course, you can receive awesomeness again. This is how gratitude strengthens your faith. And having strong faith is a major key in transforming your life.” Jen Sincero

The Liebster Award 2018!

Hello all!! 🤗

I’m so excited to accept the nomination for The Liebster Award! I was nominated by Penchantress

I started my blog in November 2017- I love to motivate and inspire people to be their best selves as it helps me to do the same!

The Liebster Award

If you have been nominated for The Liebster Award AND YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT, write a blog post about the Liebster award in which the Rules are simple as follows:

Acknowledge the blog who nominated you.

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I nominate:


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Here are the questions to answer below:
1. where are you from?

2. What has inspired you to start writing?

3. What is your blog about?

4. Give one phrase that expresses your intentions to reach out to the world?

5. What is your favorite book?

6. If you can choose anywhere in the world to visit, where and why?

7. Your favorite book?

8. Who inspires you?

9. Name a hobby you enjoy?

10. What is your favorite season?

11. Name one good quality about yourself?

11 QUESTIONS I was asked-

1. What is your native language?English

2. What according to you is an ideal personality? An open minded personality to welcome in all good energy to help you be your best self!

3. Writing in a diary Or typing words in MS Word- which one do you prefer? Writing in a diary!!

4. Who is your favourite author and why? Jen Sincero- just live how real and forward she is!!

5. How important do you think is reading? Reading is the door to all our imagination!

6. If  you were to write a biography of someone, whose would it be? My mom- she has lived in two countries in her life time and has taught me so many things about taking big chances in life to fulfill your dreams!!

7. Which movie/series can you watch over and over without getting bored of it? I have a few- but one that comes to mind is The Godfather

8. Given a chance to do something for the society, what would you do? Help the homeless get shelter

9. Do you believe in the saying- “The Best things in life are free” ? I most certainly do!!

10. What inspired you to start blogging? My desire to inspire people to live a healthier and happier life!

11. What do you want to be remembered for? Being a loving mother, wife and friend! And my good energy vibes sent out to the world! 🙌🏼

Thank You!