Thursday Thoughts…

Happy Thursday! Remember, during this busy holiday time- Stop, take a deep breath and be grateful for what is present today! #thankfulthursday #alwaysgrateful

Post-holiday Cleanse

Ok, let’s be real here…. Those of you who know ME, know that I usually stay on track and make healthy choices when it comes to foods and drinks! Well, today I’m taking accountability for my choices this holiday season and admitting that I have indulged a little more than usual. 🙋🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Thinking about the coming year, I do have a few 🏝vacations planned and I’m NOT taking these extra pounds with me!! 👊🏼

Come January 7th- I’m hosting a post-holiday cleanse and your invited to come along for the ride! This invite stands for any current cleansers and anyone else that’s looking to get a head start on 2019!!

Just reach out to me by December 15th so your sure to get all the details and start promptly!

Let’s do this! 👍🏼