The Ultimate Success Formula

Another good read from Giant Steps, by Tony Robbins….

“All people who succeed consciously or unconsciously utilize the same formula for success. Use these four simple steps to achieve whatever you desire.”

1- Decide what you want. (Be precise! Clarity is power)

2- Take action (because desire is not enough)

3- Notice what’s working or not. (You don’t want to continue to expend energy on an approach that’s worthless)

4- Change your approach until you achieve what you want. (Flexibility gives you the power to creat a new approach and a new result)

Who’s ready for success!!! πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Back on track!

For the past two years I have been maintaining a healthy diet by following an amazing and effective Nutritional Cleansing program, but I have to say- I have swayed away from my daily routine and indulged with all the holiday Festivities! πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

So- today, I have went back to the basics and started a 30 day of nutritious shakes, and clean eating… I miss feeling the vibrant energy everyday!! I am saying 🀜🏻 good-bye to feeling bloated and sluggish!!

Do not ever think that there is no way to get back on track!! Make the commitment to yourself and get healthy!! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Midweek Push….

Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is having a pleasant and productive week! Since it’s the first week of 2018- have you thought about your goals?? What are you looking to accomplish and in what frame of time? Write them down somewhere- hold yourself accountable and make that commitment!!

“The secret to achieving your goals is mental conditioning. Review them at least twice daily. Post your goals where you’re sure to see them every day: in your journal, on your desk, in your wallet, or over your mirror so you can look at them while your shaving or putting on makeup. Remember, whatever you consistently think about and focus upon, you move toward. This is a simple yet important way to program your RAS for success.” Tony Robbins


Good evening!! Just started my new book for 2018- I’m reading Giant Steps by Tony Robbins. I’ve seen Mr. Robbins speak at my company’s annual celebration event this past August in Las Vegas! What an impression this man makes when speaking to a group of thousands of like minded people! People who want the best in life- who want ultimate health, wealth, and true happiness!!

I can not wait to share some amazing insights I come across while reading!

Here’s my first one…..

“It’s not what we do in a while that counts, but our consistent actions. And what is the father of all action? What ultimately determines who we become and where we go in life? The answer is our decisions. It’s in these moments that our destiny is shaped. More than anything else- I believe our decisions- not the conditions of our lives- determine our destiny.” Tony Robbins

Have a good night!

Thoughts to take into the new year….

Happy new Year! Here are a few ideas to carry through 2018 that can help bring more clarity, good health, & happiness to yourself….

“I believe that living one day at a time is really the secret of healthy living. When you get up, be thankful for the day, and begin with a healthy breakfast. From the time you wake up until bedtime, make a conscious effort to be fully engaged in living and enjoying those hours. And finally:

Count your blessings, not calories.

Get active. Physical activity will blast away any trouble, worry, or stress faster than you can say Badass.

Bed kind to yourself- in thoughts and actions.

Know your strengths and put them to work.

Spend time in stillness.

Let go of your stuff.

Avoid negative thoughts and negative influences.

Don’t go out of bounds.

Laugh often and much.

Connect with those you love and those who love you.

Live your purpose and legacy.

Get excited about what will happen if you do all these things.

See you in the Badass lane!”

Christmas Abbott


Happy New Year! πŸŽŠ

It’s a new week- a new month – and new year! Welcome 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣!! May you all have a healthy and happy new year!

Bring on 2018!!

Happy Friday! ✨

The weekend has arrived and I’m so excited to celebrate the arrival of 2018 in just a few days!! I have had many great adventures this year but also some very sad ones.. But, life happens and we must learn from these happenings and grow!

Enjoy all things and people that surround you!! But most of all, enjoy YOU! When you are content with yourself, you allow peace, love, and happiness into your life!!