Weekend Wishes..

The weekend has settled in and it’s time to utilize our free time wisely!! Work on your goals- catch up on your “to do” list- do something nice for someone without looking for anything in exchange and most importantly, make sure you do something that makes you happy! You deserve it! Have a great weekend!!

Have “Successful” Failures

Happy Thursday! It was another cold, snowy day in New Jersey! Kids had delayed opening which made the entire day delayed!! And we move on….

Just finished reading my next segment in this amazing book (The Badass Life). Christmas Abbott explains how failure is okay! How we learn from failures!!

“Failure is only true when you quit. I know what you’re thinking: I didn’t hit my goal, so I failed. But that isn’t true. If you attempt something only one time, it’s likely you won’t succeed. Success is built in the knowledge created from failures. We need failed attempts to show us the way to success! If you go forward and try something, without quite hitting your mark or goal, I consider that a successful failure.”

Here are great tips on how to look at failure::

– Learn from failure

– Grow from failure

– Get over the fear of failure

Below is also an exercise that I am going to attempt in helping me deal with failures–

Sit down, think about a few times you failed, then think everything positive you leaned from those failures. Now, turn those lessons into action steps towards your goals!

Have a great night!

Train your Brain

Wellness Wednesday tip of the day….

“The brain can influence the body and the mind through the power of thoughts, help you change habits, and inspire you to new heights of success. It is a use-it-or lose-it organ. To really use it, you should engage in physical and mental workouts.”

Here’s how:

-Your brian on exercise: “Physical activity stimulates the growth of new brain cells and helps produce a crucial protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor. This protein is responsible for forming new connections between brain cells and protects them from degeneration. So when you’re building your muscles, you’re also building your brian.”

-Build your brain power with positivity

-Find more learning and mental challenges

-Travel and explore

-Develop and maintain stimulating friendships

-Laugh often: “Laughter boosts your memory.”

-Play brian games

Stay Well!

Turn setbacks into comebacks!!

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone’s week is off to a positive start! Here’s another note to bring with you into the New Year…

Setbacks can be really hard on us and can change our focus when we are working towards our goals.. But I found some great ways to use our setbacks as comebacks!!

“The ability to rebound from setbacks is called resilience. Resilient people realize that a setback is not the end of the road but merely a bend in the road.” Christmas Abbott

So, how do we become more resilient??

* Become healthier

* Build confidence

* Make lemonade- Make the best out of your situation

* Don’t get bitter, get better

* Look on the bright side

* Take action

“Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems.” Gever Tulley

Ideas for the new week!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! We had ❄️ snow in New Jersey! My boys had a blast!! Yesterday was just a day of fun! I used the day to spend with my family and let the day take its course! Today I finished up anything that was left over from this past week and set up for the new week!!

Just finished reading my next segment, which was about self control… With so many choices, it’s hard to exercise self control. So Christmas Abbott recommends setting boundaries.. we often think of boundaries as rules or restrictions.. Well, Abbott shows a whole new light on boundaries!

“Boundaries encourage self-love and freedom from self-destructive behavior. A boundary in this sense is a healthy barrier between you and bad choices. It governs your behavior. It’s a line you won’t cross. It has a sign that reads STOP- NO GOING OVERBOARD HERE! Having boundaries invites freedom, healthy living, and security into your life. Commit to setting boundaries and living within them. Simple boundary setting is one of the forces involved in building better habits and learning self-control. A little bit of self- control today could make you a big success tomorrow.”

Wow! I’m ready to set some boundaries this week! Who’s with me!!! 👍🏼

Friday’s Push…

Happy Friday All! We’ve made it through another week and I hope we are all settling down and getting ready for a fun weekend!!

Take a look below at a snap shot I took from a page of the personal development book I’m reading!! Such great motivation! This author, Christmas Abbott is such an inspiration and always knows what to say to give me that extra boost to make a change in my day!

Have a great weekend!

Declutter Your Life

So, with the New Year approaching, I always think about removing all the extra “stuff” I don’t need and having a fresh & clean start!! I know living in clutter is bad for your health- but having two young boys, it’s impossible not too!! So I make a promise to myself every year that I will try my best to keep up with the “mess” and not let it get out of hand..

Segment 21 was an awesome read about decluttering our lives!! It was all about taking a look at what surrounds us and if those things did not bring us happiness, it was time to let them go. This can be anything or anyone!! Sometimes we have to learn to say no to things in order to say yes to what’s important to us. Its a huge step toward acknowledging that our needs and our health matters!

Some ideas to help us take that step::

– Start small

– Take one room at a time

– Decide what to toss

– Apply the “One in, One out” philosophy

– Organize as you go through your stuff

– Practice clutter prevention

Hopefully I can apply some of these ideas and get a head start on my New Year clean up! 👍🏼

Banish Stress

Yes- it’s that time!! For me, holiday season is the most stressful time of year. You feel that you have to do certain things and fit all standards or else it’s just not right!!

I can totally be a stressed person all year round- I have two boys, I take care of my mom, and I help out with my family business! So my plate is pretty full!!

But for some reason- the holiday season brings a different type of stress!!

I just caught up in reading my personal development book, The Badass Life, and what a perfect segment I just read which was about dealing with stress!

Whether it’s stress because of actual happy events (a wedding, buying a house, having kids) or Chronic Stress (constant stressors like financial hardship, a job you hate, illness) – we need to try and focus on lowering our stress levels so we can stay healthy body and mind!!

Christmas Abbott gave some great strategies to help lessen stress::

Move your body

Breathe & relax

Eat right, stress less

Sleep away stress

Stop tweeting, texting, emailing

Watch what you drink at night

Grab a heavier blanket

Worry not

Sip tea

Change your response (my favorite)

These sound doable! Hope they help out!

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” William James

Good night! 💤

Quick Fix Meal

Happy Tuesday all!!

Here’s a really healthy meal thats super easy to put together when your on the go!!!