Successful Habits- Part 2

Happy Thursday!! It’s almost the weekend!

Before we head into weekend mode- I want to conclude my message about habits of successful people.. A few days ago I listed some good habits that successful people practice. But, we all know that some of us try to encounter these habits and for some reason, we haven’t reached that point yet. It’s probably because we still have BAD habits that exist, and we must break those habits before all the good habits shine through! “So if you’ve got bad habits that are blocking you from developing these good habits, make the conscious effort to disrupt your flow and get going on new ones. Here are some of my favorite tips for doing that:” Jen Sincero

1- Have zero tolerance for negotiations.

A. Identify with the new habit.

B. Know thy negotiations.

2- Connect your new habit to another habit or behavior.

3- Strengthen your willpower.

A. Anticipating the discomfort.

B. Find an accountability partner.

C. Envision the end result with tearful giddiness.

Here’s to successful habits!!

Good Night!

Habits of Successful People..

“These are some of the most common habits of successful people. Successful people:” Jen Sincero

Take Risks

Stick to their decisions

Set good boundaries

Give back

Work smart

Go to the spiritual gym (read, exercise, meditate, work with mastermind groups, etc.)


Constantly learn

Stay disciplined


Practice patience

Surround themselves with ass kickers

Talk about ideas, not other people

Get back up instead of give up

Show up on time

Know what’s going on around them

Know what’s going on with their money

Let’s practice good habits and be successful!! Have a great week!

Mindset for the week!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Now, let’s settle down and change gears! We should be beginning to change our mindset to take on the new week! What goals are we looking to reach this week? What plans do we have to reach those goals? How much action are we willing to take in order to make these goals a reality??

Below are some key mindset pieces to have in place in order to take that leap and stay the course…. (Written by Jen Sincero)

1- Hold on tight to your WHY

2- Go to the spiritual gym (read books by entrepreneurs, post pictures of what your success looks like and look at it everyday, meditate)

3- Do your homework (study your industry, the types of people you would like to work with, and learn creative ways to run your business)

4- Get a mentor (life coaches are so helpful in guiding you to keeping your mindset where it should be as well helping  you build more confidence)

“The number one thing wealthy people attribute their success to is tenacity. Nobody achieves great success without walking through the fire. And the difference between those who succeed and those who fail is a no-nonsense commitment to staying the course no matter how hot the fire gets.” Jen Sincero

Have a great week! 👍🏼