Back to the routine!

Happy Tuesday all!!

I’m finally home from spring break and ready to get back to my routine! That’s the best part of vacation, you take a break from your everyday life just to have rest, fun, and adventure! Then you come home replenished and ready to get back to work!!

While away I started another great book, Judgement Detox, by Gabrielle Bernstein. I picked up a few steps to keep in mind before I actually start my detox and understanding of how critical it is to pass judgement on others! I find myself doing this often and I’m staring to really learn the deep reasons why. So, I thought I would share these steps that some of you can use to really think about and start your detox of judging others! This is so important if you want to live a healthy, happy life!

1- Witness your judgment without judgement

2- Honor the wound

3- Put love on the altar

4- See for the first time

5- Cut the cords

6- Bring your shadows to light

Enjoy and let’s get started on our detox!

Spring Break

Happy Saturday!! Almost at the close of my spring break vacation!! Every year my family comes out to Florida to feel the warm sun ☀️!! We usually make a few stops so we can include seeing our good friends as well! So this year we stayed in Orlando and had an awesome time at Disney. We then ventured off to Port St Lucie to see my childhood friend Doreen for two days!! And currently, we are at Hollywood Florida to see my husbands childhood friend.. We are having such a fun time, kids are playing and everyone is just enjoying each others company!! We look forward to this visit every year!

I hope everyone has enjoyed this past week and continues to enjoy this weekend into the Easter holiday! 🐰

Fit Friday!!

3 years ago this May, I started this nutritional cleansing program.. I developed a healthier lifestyle which resulted in gaining more energy, better mental focus, a calmer outlook on life and its obstacles that challenged me, and releasing any extra weight that I struggled with for a long time after having my kids! The best part is the self growth I have gained just by eating good nutritious foods and being around these amazing like minded people! It’s simple and effective, which is another one of the million reasons why I love it!! 💚

Wellness Wednesday

Good morning!! It’s finally Spring!- but we have snow on the east coast… 🤷🏼‍♀️ I hope everyone’s week is going well! I’ve been quite busy as I’m headed to sunny Florida at the end of this week! Looking forward to warmer weather and seeing some good friends! So, my week is a bit hectic- getting as much done as I can this week for work and home while prepping what I need for my family to take on our trip!! But- it’s ALL worth it! Sometimes we have to trudge through the hard part to reach the light at the end of the tunnel!!

This also holds strong for life!! We all want to be at that “happy place” in life.. And we can definitely get there, but it takes hard work, determination, focus, and an open mindset!!! We have to enjoy our journey!! Be thankful for where you are today, and keep moving forward!

I leave you with three phrases of advice from Jen Sincero-

1- “Time comes to those who make it, not those who try to find it.”

2- “A desire to grow is not the same as being negative about where you’re at.”

3- “Let your fear be your compass.”

Make it a great day! 💞

Midweek Motivation

Happy Wednesday!! Hope everyone’s week is rolling along smoothly. Are we focusing on our goals? Are we staying on track? Are we doing what it takes to make it a productive week? Are we taking action and doing what we love to make money? To make ourselves happy?

Sometimes- we try so hard to make everything workout the way we want, but we involve ourselves in too much and we end up tired, frustrated, spending more money than needed, and overwhelmed..

And- at the end of the day, nothing “happened”!!

Here are two ways to beat the monsters of overwhelm: written in Jen Sincero’s book, You Are A Badass At Making Money.

1- “Investigate the specifics. We cause ourselves so much unnecessary pain when we fly off the handle and assume that the vague, infinite details of our lives are crushing us to death. Meanwhile, we usually have no idea what we’re talking about.”

2- “Chunk your to-dos down into bite-sized pieces. The other crucial thing chunking your time does is provide focus.”

One thing at a time; One day at a time!

Cleanse Day

Love this Nutritional Cleansing program!! Cleansing to get back on track for the week and feeling wonderful!! 💦

Anyone interested- I would love to share!