Post-holiday Cleanse

Ok, let’s be real here…. Those of you who know ME, know that I usually stay on track and make healthy choices when it comes to foods and drinks! Well, today I’m taking accountability for my choices this holiday season and admitting that I have indulged a little more than usual. 🙋🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Thinking about the coming year, I do have a few 🏝vacations planned and I’m NOT taking these extra pounds with me!! 👊🏼

Come January 7th- I’m hosting a post-holiday cleanse and your invited to come along for the ride! This invite stands for any current cleansers and anyone else that’s looking to get a head start on 2019!!

Just reach out to me by December 15th so your sure to get all the details and start promptly!

Let’s do this! 👍🏼

Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁

As we feast and gather together today- let’s take a minute to think about what today symbolizes. We should stop, take a look around us and be grateful for where we are at this moment. Even if it’s not exactly where we would like to be, show thanks and know one day we will reach our ultimate quality of life! And remember, This moment of gratefulness should not only be felt to today- but every single day!