Morning Exercise

Happy Monday!! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! This Saturday I attended a team training with the Nutritional Cleansing company I am partnered with!! This training was to help me and my team build a successful business and to also teach us the importance of enjoying the journey while doing it! One of the many reasons why I love this company so much is because how it expresses self care as a priority in order to have a promising business! We were lucky to listen to an amazing and inspiring guest speaker, Ed Blunt!! He really had so many amazing points to help us understand that we must be our best self in order to perform and help others! One important tip he gave was that when we first wake up in the morning, before plugging into the world via our phones, television, etc- we should read 10 pages from any personal development book.. The words we read and absorb will set the tone how we carry on with our day!! I started this morning! And guess what- IT WORKS!! 👍🏼

So- every morning , try to read 10 pages from any motivational personal development book!! Let’s be our best selves!

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