Action Signals

“You are the source of all your emotions. At any moment you can create or change them.” Tony Robbins

In Mr Robbins book, Giant Steps, he lists “Action Signals”. He explains how to notice and change them in order to feel in a more positive attitude. I thought these were interesting to share since I often think how I can detect a negative feeling coming on and noticing these feelings before they get too strong. What are ways to change these feelings for the better!!

Below are the Action Signals you should notice and be ready to change:

1- Uncomfortable feelings like boredom, impatience, unease, distress or mild embarrassment.

2- Fear, apprehension, worry or anxiety.

3- Hurt or loss

4- Anger, annoyance, resentment, or rage.

5- Frustration

6- Disappointment

7- Guilt

8- Inadequacy

9- Overload, overwhelm, grief, depression, helplessness

10- Loneliness

Lets get a hold of our emotions and control the way we feel for a better quality of life!

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