Change Is Good..

Tonight’s reading was pretty interesting.. I always had this personal issue that I needed to “Help everyone” or I needed to “Change everyone’s bad habits”.. Well, that is surely not true!! As I am working on my personal development and focusing more on myself, I’ve learned that everyone is responsible for themselves AND the changes they need to make to better themselves!!

You can always try to help and be a guide or role model- but at the end of the day, it is up to them to make that change!!

“Any change we make will be only temporary unless we make ourselves- no one or nothing else- responsible for our own change. Specifically, we must adopt these core beliefs:” Tony Robbins

1- It must change. Believing that we should change is not enough

2- I must change it. Others can coach me, but I’m responsible.

3- I can change it. I created what I’m experiencing; therefore, I can change it.


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