Thoughts to take into the new year….

Happy new Year! Here are a few ideas to carry through 2018 that can help bring more clarity, good health, & happiness to yourself….

“I believe that living one day at a time is really the secret of healthy living. When you get up, be thankful for the day, and begin with a healthy breakfast. From the time you wake up until bedtime, make a conscious effort to be fully engaged in living and enjoying those hours. And finally:

Count your blessings, not calories.

Get active. Physical activity will blast away any trouble, worry, or stress faster than you can say Badass.

Bed kind to yourself- in thoughts and actions.

Know your strengths and put them to work.

Spend time in stillness.

Let go of your stuff.

Avoid negative thoughts and negative influences.

Don’t go out of bounds.

Laugh often and much.

Connect with those you love and those who love you.

Live your purpose and legacy.

Get excited about what will happen if you do all these things.

See you in the Badass lane!”

Christmas Abbott


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