Solidify Intention

We all have the perfect intentions in our minds for goals we want to achieve- but does that really get us to our goals?? Sometimes we have some negative thoughts way under the surface of our mind that may misdirect us from actually reaching these goals… Psychologists call these counterproductive feelings, limiting beliefs (thoughts we have in our heads that subtly hold us back from our dreams).

Here are three ways to help these feelings from overpowering our real intentions:

1) Examine yourself

2) Stop using the words don’t or can’t

3) override bad stuff

Try this exercise daily…

Set an intention that means a great deal to you.. Write these intentions down.. Put these intentions somewhere you can see them. Spend five minutes everyday reciting these intentions.. This should help keep your focus on your intentions and hopefully help you reach your goals!!

“We either live with intention or exist be default.” Kristin Armstrong

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