Have “Successful” Failures

Happy Thursday! It was another cold, snowy day in New Jersey! Kids had delayed opening which made the entire day delayed!! And we move on….

Just finished reading my next segment in this amazing book (The Badass Life). Christmas Abbott explains how failure is okay! How we learn from failures!!

“Failure is only true when you quit. I know what you’re thinking: I didn’t hit my goal, so I failed. But that isn’t true. If you attempt something only one time, it’s likely you won’t succeed. Success is built in the knowledge created from failures. We need failed attempts to show us the way to success! If you go forward and try something, without quite hitting your mark or goal, I consider that a successful failure.”

Here are great tips on how to look at failure::

– Learn from failure

– Grow from failure

– Get over the fear of failure

Below is also an exercise that I am going to attempt in helping me deal with failures–

Sit down, think about a few times you failed, then think everything positive you leaned from those failures. Now, turn those lessons into action steps towards your goals!

Have a great night!

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