Train your Brain

Wellness Wednesday tip of the day….

“The brain can influence the body and the mind through the power of thoughts, help you change habits, and inspire you to new heights of success. It is a use-it-or lose-it organ. To really use it, you should engage in physical and mental workouts.”

Here’s how:

-Your brian on exercise: “Physical activity stimulates the growth of new brain cells and helps produce a crucial protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor. This protein is responsible for forming new connections between brain cells and protects them from degeneration. So when you’re building your muscles, you’re also building your brian.”

-Build your brain power with positivity

-Find more learning and mental challenges

-Travel and explore

-Develop and maintain stimulating friendships

-Laugh often: “Laughter boosts your memory.”

-Play brian games

Stay Well!

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