Ideas for the new week!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! We had ❄️ snow in New Jersey! My boys had a blast!! Yesterday was just a day of fun! I used the day to spend with my family and let the day take its course! Today I finished up anything that was left over from this past week and set up for the new week!!

Just finished reading my next segment, which was about self control… With so many choices, it’s hard to exercise self control. So Christmas Abbott recommends setting boundaries.. we often think of boundaries as rules or restrictions.. Well, Abbott shows a whole new light on boundaries!

“Boundaries encourage self-love and freedom from self-destructive behavior. A boundary in this sense is a healthy barrier between you and bad choices. It governs your behavior. It’s a line you won’t cross. It has a sign that reads STOP- NO GOING OVERBOARD HERE! Having boundaries invites freedom, healthy living, and security into your life. Commit to setting boundaries and living within them. Simple boundary setting is one of the forces involved in building better habits and learning self-control. A little bit of self- control today could make you a big success tomorrow.”

Wow! I’m ready to set some boundaries this week! Who’s with me!!! 👍🏼

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