Declutter Your Life

So, with the New Year approaching, I always think about removing all the extra “stuff” I don’t need and having a fresh & clean start!! I know living in clutter is bad for your health- but having two young boys, it’s impossible not too!! So I make a promise to myself every year that I will try my best to keep up with the “mess” and not let it get out of hand..

Segment 21 was an awesome read about decluttering our lives!! It was all about taking a look at what surrounds us and if those things did not bring us happiness, it was time to let them go. This can be anything or anyone!! Sometimes we have to learn to say no to things in order to say yes to what’s important to us. Its a huge step toward acknowledging that our needs and our health matters!

Some ideas to help us take that step::

– Start small

– Take one room at a time

– Decide what to toss

– Apply the “One in, One out” philosophy

– Organize as you go through your stuff

– Practice clutter prevention

Hopefully I can apply some of these ideas and get a head start on my New Year clean up! 👍🏼

4 Replies to “Declutter Your Life”

  1. The way my mind works is not seemingly so simple! I’ll try to go do one room but then it will lead to me doing something else in another room and by the time I’ve finished the chain of events I never even did the first thing I set out to do!

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    1. I find myself doing that also sometimes.. We have to try and stay focused and organized on the one task- the feeling of completion is priceless! Good luck to you and congrats on your new home!


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