Make it a December to remember!

New month, new goals! Let’s finish out this year with a Bang!! 💥

Here’s a little motivation to put in all your effort this month!

10 commandments of a full-effort badass….

1- I will remember that time is not a measurement of hard work.

2- I will follow through on my commitments.

3- I will work with passion.

4- I will make an effort to be courteous and kind.

5- I will put all my effort into going after me dreams, moving forward against obstacles, and leading from failure.

6- I will be motivated to learn and change for the better because I am worth the effort.

7- I will apply effort to my workouts, diet, and health.

8- I will not become complacent.

9- I will stay disciplined.

10- I will live with 100 percent integrity.

Written by Christmas Abbott

“Continuous effort- not strength or intelligence- is the key to unlocking potential.” Winston Churchill

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