Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a good start to their week! I had a busy day, but I am thankful I got lots done! I do have this horrible habit that I get super anxious when I have things I want to accomplish in a day- I tend to take it out in those around me as well.. Not a good thing!!

I read a new segment in my personal development book tonight that is a perfect message that I hope to digest and it may help some of you that are struggling with unwanted habits..

The key to changing habits is to make small changes day by day and hold yourself accountable.. Its called “Layer in change”

“The key is to evaluate which routine is the right prompt for your small, simple behavior. Maybe you need to drink more water everyday, but it’s not a habit for you yet. Try drinking water to meals and snacks. Every time you eat, have a tall glass of water. Eating is your prompt to drink more water. Prompts will be different for everyone, but the formula for your new behavior should complete the following sentence: When I (routine), I will (tiny behavior change). So layer in small changes everyday. Tie them to prompts. Little by little, as you do these things, you will start seeing progress. Once you experience a few small wins, taking bigger steps becomes easier.”

Have a great week!

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