Mindful Monday

Happy Monday all!!

I hope you set the tone for this week and are off to a good start!! 😊

Just finished reading my next segment and what I read is so fitting for Monday!!

Day 8: Fuel Yourself For Success

This segment is about “fueling” yourself mentally, physically, & spiritually.

Fuel your mind with positivity! “You can’t think out of the box if you’re sitting in the box.”

Fuel your body with nutritious and clean foods! “Choose your foods wisely, because having a nutritious diet is the foundation of great health and mental fitness.”

Fuel your spirit. Explore a form a spirituality that speaks to you- a religion, a practice like yoga, spiritual readings.. Another great way is by helping others!! “Performing acts of kindness makes you feel good, increases your happiness, improves your immune system, and forges connectedness to higher things”

✨Be mindful of your thoughts & actions

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