Saturday Success

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!

Today I had a pretty balanced day.. I did some house work this morning, then went to visit mom with the kids, ran over to a kids birthday party and then finally ended my evening out to dinner with my husband and kids!

I just finished reading my next segment which was about setting a schedule for our days in order to succeed! You do not have to schedule minute by minute, but a quick list of things you would like to get done should be handy to you in order to have some form of organization.. And hey, if you don’t get to all of it- move it over to the next day..

“Schedules and priority task lists really work! Because I wake up knowing how I will spend my day, I can hit the ground running. I’ve prepared myself to succeed- that day. Whatever the day holds, I try to give my best and be as effective in the moment as I can.” Christmas Abbott

So, think about some things over the rest of your weekend and maybe try to get a rough draft of a list going.. See how it works for you! And make sure you do not leave out fun time for yourself!! 😉

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

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