Exercise your mind & spirit

Thankful Thursday!!!!

What are we thankful for today?? I am thankful that I made it to my gym class this morning! My little one was sick so my husband stayed home with him this morning and I was able to make it to class! 🙏🏼 It’s the little things in life I appreciate!!

Here’s a great quote from the current book I’m reading… Day 4- “You know how you feel after a really great workout- strong and renewed and bursting with energy? Well, in addition to keeping your body strong and flexible, exercise does wonders for your mind and spirit. It boosts self-esteem, gives you the satisfaction of striving for and attaining your goals, and helps keeps the blues at bay.” Exercise is great for the spirit, too. Sure, the changes in your physique are exciting, but you’ll begin to notice that not only do you feel better physically but you feel better spiritually as well. You’ll have more spiritual energy- the feeling that what you do in life matters.”

Yup!!! I’d say that’s pretty accurate!! 👍🏼

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