Tuesday Thoughts…

Today was an “ok” day… I ย  got my workout done which was a plus! Did I eat according to my goals?? Not exactly.. But tomorrow is another day and a fresh start!!! I am grateful that I at least got my nutritious shake in for one of my meals! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Just finished reading Day 2 of my personal development book.. So, time to share::

Day 1: I leaned how to separate my goals into mental, physical, and spiritual. Mental goals deal with mental preparation, visualization, or productive thinking. Physical or personal goals are very actionable and have to do with day-to-day choices we make. And spiritual goals focus on personal characteristics to be practiced and developed.

Tonight (day 2), I will be expanding on these goals and thinking the following:

What am I most grateful for today?

What was the biggest success for me today?

What was the biggest challenge for today?

How did I overcome it?

What Can I do to make it a better day?

So- how about you try this! Would love to hear your feedback and how it helped you!

Get busy!!

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