Monday Motivation

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone had a good start to their week! I was super busy but that’s a good thing.. I even tried to work on my goals that I spoke about in yesterday’s post which referred to self growth. There were a few obstacles today- but I managed to be a better person and “did the right thing”!

I also started a new book today which I am totally excited about!! It’s a personal development book, “The Badass Life” written by Christmas Abbott

This book focuses on 30 days to a lifetime of great habits- Body, Mind, and Spirit.It gives you exercises for you to practice to achieve your goals!! I just did my first journal exercise tonight, and I feel awesome already! As I get more into this book- I will definitely share some important parts!

Stay tuned this week for some new lifestyle tips, healthy recipes, and some good energy!!

Have a great night!

3 Replies to “Monday Motivation”

  1. Thank you for posting something motivational for Monday. I never feel like I’m ready for Monday, so I definitely need some motivation on Mondays in general. I can’t wait to read more stuff that you learn from that book. Being disciplined and having good habits make such a huge difference when you’re trying to accomplish goals.

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